The Benefits of an Insulated Foundation System

Tailor Designed & Engineered to Your Home


No Cold Bridging

Thermal bridging occurs due to a break between the insulating and non-insulating materials of a build. The most common junction occurs at the wall to floor. Increasing insulation in the rest of the building without correcting a thermal bridge actually makes these areas colder, and in turn this increases the overall heat loss. Eliminating ALL thermal bridges should be the number one priority when designing, constructing and future proofing your new build.

Unlike a traditional raft foundation, an Insulated Foundation System eliminates critical floor to wall cold bridging by wrapping the entire junction in insulation, removing the break between these materials. This results in a continuous thermal envelope offering a Passive Standard floor u-value of just 0.10 w/m2k.

Cheaper than a Standard Strip Foundation

Cheaper than a Standard Strip Foundation

We understand that price is a determining factor in many self builds, however you don’t always have to sacrifice comfort for money. The foundation is the base of your home and it’s essential to get it right. While the System initially appears more costly than a traditional strip foundation, it must be noted that this is essentially the finished floor with no additional screed required.

This is a complete insulated system, avoiding the need to cut and lay insulation boards following the pour of the foundation and all the preparation work prior to the pour of your finished screed. All services pop-ups are pre-set within the foundation, to include for underfloor heating should you decide to go this route.

On average, this system saves approx. 20% in comparison to a traditional foundation, without taking into account the time and effort involved in preparing for a strip foundation. Critical floor to wall cold bridging is eliminated, the lengthy wait associated with the drying out of screed prior to laying laminate flooring and/or tiling is avoided as there is no additional screed required once poured.

Passive Floor U-Value

In addition to eliminating critical wall and floor cold bridging, an Insulated Foundation System offers exceptional u-value performance as low as 0.08 W/m2k. To put this in perspective, Building Regulations for a typical Irish traditional build require 0.21 W/m2k for floors with no underfloor heating and 0.15 W/m2k for floors with underfloor heating.

When you add the thermal bridging of a traditional foundation into the equation, the u-value most home owners think they have achieved is actually much worse in reality. In comparison, a Passive foundation system offers certified u-values and a system specifically designed, engineered and tailored to your build – a critical detail when building a Passive or near-Passive home.


Suited to All Ground Conditions

Suited to All Ground Conditions

An Insulated Foundation System is suitable for all ground types and construction methods. This system works extremely well with a Closed Panel timber frame home, delivered pre-insulated and airtight. The radon barrier is easily accommodated, while reducing the amount of concrete needed by up to 50%. When built as a complete timber frame home, particularly with a twin wall Eco Package, your carbon footprint is reduced dramatically. Timber is not only carbon neutral, it’s carbon negative!

Improves Underfloor Heating

In addition to lower U-values, an insulated foundation system will improve the performance of an underfloor heating system should you decide to go this route. Studies show that up to 65% of heat generated from underfloor heating systems can be lost through the rising walls.

An Insulated Foundation System reduces this rate of heat loss from 65% to just 12%, increasing energy efficiency and saving on heating costs – all by eliminating the critical wall to floor cold bridge.

insulated foundation

Tailor Designed

Tailor Designed

We include a complete design & engineering service as standard. This includes Line & Point load calculations,  rebar schedules, and a complete foundation plan showing the ring beams, thickenings and sectional details through the principle elements of the foundation such as the reinforcement required.

When ordered alongside a Closed Panel timber frame system, your insulated foundation can be incorporated into the design and streamlined alongside off-site manufacturing – saving you more time and money!


Strength to Last a Lifetime!

Our Passive Insulated Foundation system is made up of tailor cut expanded polystyrene (EPS), which can withstand the weight of a two-storey house (estimated at 4-5 tonne per linear meter). These EPS sections are made up of 98% air, not gas. Not only will your foundation system withstand the lifespan of the building without losing any of its thermal performance (unlike with a traditional strip foundation), it’s also water resistant. This eliminates the possibility of condensation, fungus and mould growth, particularly behind and above the skirting board. EPS is a sustainable, recycled product and is virtually maintenance free.