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What Is a Passive Slab?

What Are The Benefits?

Passive V Traditional

NSAI Approved Passive Foundation System

Eliminates Cold Bridging

When designing a well-insulated home, the walls and roof space are often given much consideration while the foundation is somewhat ignored; or more crucially, incorrectly and ineffectively laid. A Passive Slab is an insulated foundation system, tailor designed and engineered to your plans to achieve the best possible insulating capabilities at all locations. Most importantly, key areas of cold bridging are avoided at critical wall to floor cold bridges; improving the overall u-value of your home.

Passive Floor U-Value

Cheaper & Faster

  • NSAI Approved System
  • Passive U-Value 0.10 w/m2k
  • Suited to All Ground Conditions
  • Completely Eliminates Cold Bridging
  • 20% Cheaper than a Strip Foundation
  • Reduced Heat Loss through Rising Walls
  • Improves Underfloor Heating Performance
  • Finished Floor; Eliminating Drying Out Time
  • Complete System; Saving You Time & Money

Designed & Engineered to Suit Your New Home

Saving you time, energy & money, while providing exceptionally low u-values, eliminating cold bridging, and most importantly – a comfortable, future-proof, forever home for you and your family.

Design & Engineering
Passive System Install
Reinforced Steel Mesh
Slab Penetrations Sealing
Install of Radon Barrier
Concrete, Pump & Pour

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